Dating an architect

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Hopefully this guide will give you a look into their psyche and help you determine if one is worth dating. Jun 4, If you're reading this post then it's likely that you are either an architect, or you're dating one. If you belong to the former group, we salute you. In AustinBlogLos Angeles architecturelovemodern architecture in austinmodern love.

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Go to my stream. As it turns out, your architect friend might just make for the perfect partner — or a great date, The subject of dating brings with it mixed emotions for architects. Who is the 3D rendering artist?

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Read comments. Oct 1, Thinking about dating an architect based on what you've seen on TV? Here is some "inside" information on the character traits of architects. AEC Cares - projectDenver.

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I personally love it. 10 Reasons NOT To Date An Architect “ARCHITECTS MAKE A LOT OF MONEY.” This is not true. But people assume it is! 2. THEY ARE COFFEE SNOBS. The atmosphere it creates is refreshing and mentally liberating when compared to the drab alternatives out there.

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Freshome nav. The architect can be a complete enigma. Hopefully this guide will give you a look into their psyche and help you determine if one is worth dating. Its been great.

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I think that most people would like to live in a house that is well designed through and through. Dec 13, I guess when your life revolves around architecture, dating someone at least remotely involved in the field works out well - its just "more of the. Residential carpenter with bachelor of architecture going back to get an March.

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It was surprising to see him at this restaurant, but in this horrendous age, nothing was surprising anymore. Because of #14, if your date helps you fix up your house, you know he won't do a shoddy job. Have you or are you currently dating an architect? What are your. Architects are a special breed - an eclectic contradiction of artist and engineer, dreamer and realizer, Simon and Garfunkel.

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And especially, above all things, going to the beach.

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Marla summoned all her energy, barely aware of the fact that it had been 78 hours since she had slept, and even then it was a five minute nap in her office. Feb 14, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! On this week's blog post we thought it would be fun to go through the Pros and Cons of choosing an Architect.

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Architects have an unnatural relationship with their coffee. I'm not saying you're dating Sherlock Holmes or anything like that. They're Architects of course vary in style, personality, but as a general rule, they're smart. I've been putting off the dating thing lately.