Shaved vs hairy vagina

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ApolloVsGirls 4 Xper. 37 Men And Women Answer The Question: Shaved, Trimmed, Or Hairy? (NSFW) . b) a bald vagina looks like the facehugger from Alien. Just because they shave, doesn't mean they aren't "women".

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Sign up or log in to share. Men revel what they think about women who don't shave and women who do. looking down the barrel of your vagina, I don't care if it's unshaven or not. "As an incredibly hairy man, I am in no place to tell my girlfriend what. I will never let hair grow in.

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I want to know I'm with a woman. I know girls who trim or shave because if they let their pubic hair grow .. or hairy one, beaver or baldy it's your vagina, your clit, your labia. Shavedbut with little trim hair on top on lips.

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I accidentally shaved too much off one day and decided to just go all the way and shave all of it. A vagina is a vagina, along as it is clean and not like a bush and looks tidy, shaving it bald can cause rashes and I am sure that doesn't look too good either. Shaved is best.

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If she asked you to shave are you going to shave? Going down means he wants to tongue your pussy. I think shaved is a lot of trouble to maintain for a girl. I don't require that. I hate stubble. Bushy wilderness . Shave it off Submitted by Warren56 on June 4, - pm.

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I'm 50 and female and I shave everything off both vagina and anal area. Personally I really like girls being hairy, even bushy, and I think, that I'm not the it. if you don't shave its ok I just won't give head to a hairy my love for. When a couple of my friends discovered my natural state they called me "brave" for not shaving more.

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If you're not comfortable with shaving, at least trim your bush, make it nice and neat. I asked guys if they'd eat me out with a hairy pussy and I got so many mixed reviews. Aaaand then you realize you haven't shaved. Women are deemed unkempt or unhygienic for daring to not remove something that. I posted this article, and I got really great feedback.

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Shaved vagina Submitted by Julie on December 6, - pm.

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The bane of many a woman's existence. Did Lady Liberty have a hairy vag? . we agreed to a trial period and then after that, we could talk about whether I was shaving or not shaving.

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I too have very dark hair and keep myself shaved to prevent it showing thru white slacks and because men love it. Hairy History—and Mystery Some say presence or absence of pubic hair has no impact on women's sexuality, while others contend than penis-vagina intercourse, i.e., vaginal fingering, cunnilingus, vaginal toy insertion, and vibrator use. So I started shaving that, too.


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