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You should see the high pressure gauge show a reading of hundreds of psi. You can very well hook up carbonated water to all four and use only carbonated beverages. Or you could hook up carbonated water to the soda water inputs. The syrup and carbonated water mix together and exit out of the nozzle, which is activated when the customer pushes down on a lever.

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It is what we drink instead of coffee. Connecting the Water Supply. 3. Installing Connecting the Syrup Supply. 4. Start-up .. run (example: carbonator, soda fountain or gun, all tubing lines. First step to setting up a household wetbar.

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They feature smaller dispensers that work well in residential and small office settings, but use the same quality components as commercial systems. Sep 19, TODAY IS THE DAY we install the soda fountain. Soon I will be sipping cold Diet Coke or else surveying the smoking ruins of my house. By Derin Follow.

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Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. I've recently come into possession of a soda fountain machine. I'd like to I believe this machine was set up to operate without any electricity or. The ice falls through the hole, down a chute, and into the customer's drink.

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As with everything in the soda system, the syrup pumps operate based on pressure. Of course, that will get you a whole lot of soda. Tell Coke that you have a Pepsi fountain set up in your house -- they'll give you a Coke setup. The ice dispenser often contains a rotary device that slowly pushes the ice toward a hole.

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Add extra flavor as desired e. Soda. CO2 is dissolved into water by lowering the temperature of the water or increasing The syrup is often stored in plastic bags that are hooked up to tubes. Whatever you do, look at the labels on the syrup pumps; they will list a maximum pressure.

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Here is a link. We offer a complete line of commercial and residential soda fountain dispenser systems pre-assembled and ready for installation. The valve can have a secondary lever for soda water or plain water only you must specify this feature when you place your order.

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This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step.

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You can also use plastic barbs which are usually rated for psi or moreor stainless steel ones my syrup pumps came with these, so I used them. With your purchase of this system, you will receive an Installation Guide in the form of a Digital Download PDF that includes a link to the Start-up Procedures video for your system.


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